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Metronomics in the High, Middle and Low Income Settings-Sympsium at SIOP Capetown October 2015
9 April
Bishnu D. PAUDEL
1 April
Accidental Poisoning With 6-MP in a Sibling of Pediatric Patient Treated With Metronomic Maintenance Chemotherapy.
30 March
Dose-Finding of Propranolol in combination with metronomic fixed oral cyclophosphamide based on Bivariate efficacy-tolerability outcome in patients with locally advanced or metastatic angiosarcoma : A collaborative and innovative phase I-II sequential trial
26 February
Present Challenges of Mathematics in Oncology and Biology of cancer
20 February

Latest news

  • new ambassador from Nepal

    We are very honnored to welcome Pr. Bishnu D. Paudel from the National Academy of Medical Sciences in Kathmandu, Nepal. Pr Paudel is a pionner in palliative care in Nepal. Read more about him in the People section.

  • First Ambassador from Greece

    We are delighted to welcome Pr Briasoulis from the University of Ioannina as our first ambassador from Greece. Read more about him the "people section"

  • ecancer metronomic interview series

    Over 5.000 views of the metronomic interviews done by ecancer during the last metronomic meeting in Milano....Gauthier Bouche is the most popular so far with the Redo project.

  • Pr Banavali first recipient of the Barton Kamen-MGHI Prize

    We are delighted to announce that Pr Shripad Banavali from the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbay, India has been chosen to be the first recipient of the Barton Kamen-MGHI Prize.